10 Reasons to Give Through Taos Community Foundation Header


1. We’re local:

With deep roots in the local community since 2001, you can trust that no one knows the community like we do. That means strong local connections and thoughtful grantmaking.

2. We’re knowledgeable:

We provide personalized tailored giving to individuals, families, businesses and agencies. Whether you want to give now or in the future, we can customize a giving plan that meets your charitable goals and provides opportunities for learning to ensure your giving is effective.

3. We help maximize your tax advantages:

All our funds sit under the Taos Community Foundation’s tax status, which means your gift qualifies for maximum deductions. Plus, you never pay taxes on investment earning from your fund.

4. We’re efficient:

Opening a fund at Taos Community Foundation is a simple and effective way to put your charitable assets to work. It’s a convenient and affordable alternative to operating a private foundation.

5. We take care of the details:

We’ll handle all the administrative, accounting, audit, legal and reporting requirements, so you can focus on the enjoyment of giving.

6. We’re here to stay, benefiting the community forever:

Your gift will establish your legacy and serve the causes you care about – now and forever. Should the issues you wish to address become resolved in the future, the Foundation Board will preserve the integrity of your fund and redirect grants from your fund to similar important causes.

7. We believe in the power of the many:

Because we serve many donors, we have unique opportunities to leverage common interests and pool resources for gifts that have lasting impact. Plus, our reputation as a community leader allows us to convene and leverage the efforts of grantee, ensuring greater cooperation and collaboration.

8. We’re transparent:

We are reputable stewards of community resources, committed to being accountable, accessible and responsible. We take our commitment to the public and our donors seriously. Our annual independent audit and investment policies are always available for review.

9. We’re passionate:

Our team of staff are proud and passionate about their work and the communities we serve. We have broad expertise regarding community issues and needs. Our supporters comment on this as being a key reason for why they choose to work with us.

10. We foster legacies with ease and convenience:

Most funds held at Taos Community Foundation can be created with one simple meeting. Your fund can be as broad or as focused in scope as you wish. You can create a personal legacy by establishing a named fund. You choose what to name your fund and receive recognition when grants are made, or you may give anonymously.