Taos Community Foundation Education Impact


Growing Access to Information

Education Focus for Grantmaking

Apart from our goals of helping citizens meet basic needs, TCF and our partners plan initiatives for education and information access, creating a firm foothold and making possible the step-up for individuals and families to think and do differently, and thereby to contribute to positive change in our communities. One of the main goals of TCF is to develop the informed citizenry, and through that development help individuals achieve personal success and self-sufficiency which will redouble our contributions and efforts as they in turn give back to the community through their own successes.

Many would agree that education is key to a child’s success in life, to the stability of a skilled and robust workforce, and to the health of a community’s future. Knowing that a strong education system enables both youth and adult students in our region to realize their individual potential as well as that of our larger community, TCF continues its strong commitment to education, using all the tools available: grant-making, convening and advocacy.