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Education Focus for Grantmaking

Apart from our goals of helping citizens meet basic needs, TCF and our partners plan initiatives for education and information access, creating a firm foothold and making possible the step-up for individuals and families to think and do differently, and thereby to contribute to positive change in our communities. One of the main goals of TCF is to develop the informed citizenry, and through that development help individuals achieve personal success and self-sufficiency which will redouble our contributions and efforts as they in turn give back to the community through their own successes.

Many would agree that education is key to a child’s success in life, to the stability of a skilled and robust workforce, and to the health of a community’s future. Knowing that a strong education system enables both youth and adult students in our region to realize their individual potential as well as that of our larger community, TCF continues its strong commitment to education, using all the tools available: grant-making, convening and advocacy.

2019 Impact Taos Grant Awardees

Taos School Zone                                                                            $11,163                                          Community School

Taos School Zone (TSZ) is a collective impact partnership between nonprofits and public & charter schools, engaging students, educators,  nonprofits, caregivers, and the Taos community as a whole to work together to improve student outcomes. Over the last year, TSZ has hosted quarterly workshops with nonprofits & twice monthly teacher recognition breakfasts and collected information about service challenges that have informed a decision by Taos Municipal Schools to pursue a community school district, beginning in the coming school year with Enos Garcia Elementary School (EGES).

           Pleasure Mountain Fund, Skygazer Fund, Taos Ski Valley Charitable Fund, and Wasserman Family Fund


Mentoring Kids Works NM                                                         $7,700                                           Core Support

Mentoring Kids Works NM is a literacy program that provides local, young adults (about 85% who are bilingual) with opportunities to mentor 3rd graders who read below grade level. Students improve their reading skills and confidence, which is critical, since 3rd grade is the year when children must transition from learning to read to reading to learn in order to master academic subjects. The high school and college student mentors acquire skills that are highly desirable and many mentors consider becoming educators.

           Taos Ski Valley Charitable Fund, van der Werff Family Fund, Wasserman Family Fund, and ChildRite Fund *


Taos High School Culinary Arts                                                 $5,000                                Equipment Replacement

Taos High Culinary Arts Program educates and trains students in skills for employment and careers in the hospitality industry. Opportunities for mentorships and employment plus national certifications are offered to students to be entry-level prepared upon graduation from high school.

           Taos Ski Valley Charitable Fund, Wasserman Family Fund, and Sally Mayer Fund*


Paso a Paso Network                                                                       $3,500                                          Core Support

TECA strives to build and sustain relationships that help develop and realize a community-driven model of high quality early childhood continuum of care for rural communities within Taos County. TECA works to stabilize and raise the quality of early care and education, and improve access for Taos County families to early education by: (1) Leveraging partners and building community understanding of the importance of early childhood education and advocating for shared investment in the ECE system; and (2) Expanding the early childhood workforce through greater access to higher education.

           Mitchell-Dunn Family Fund, Skygazer Fund, and Taos Ski Valley Charitable Fund


Bridges Project for Education                                                  $2,500                                            Core Support

Bridges Project for Education’s mission is to expand post-secondary access and improve retention for people of all ages, with an emphasis on students among the first generation in their families to seek vocational certifications, associates, and bachelor’s degrees. Services include one on one admissions and financial aid counseling, a curriculum teaching proactive steps to achieve career, life and education goals. Bridges Project for Education has served 2,800 clients and families in Taos County and northern New Mexico over the past 21 years.

           La Plaza Fund*

Total fiscal year grant totals as of May 31, 2019 are over $1 Million Dollars!

Thank you to our generous Donor Advised Fundholders that participated in this years grant cycle.

* These represent Taos Community Foundation Directed Funds