HealthGrowing Minds and Bodies

TCF aims to improve health and quality of life through the prevention and treatment of social, physical and mental health conditions by investing in the promotion of healthy behaviors. Supporting health is not just about good physical and mental health. It also includes access to health care, preventative activities, healthy choices and healthy foods. Through this path we work to support the development of a community environment where people feel safe and can lead a healthy lifestyle.

2019 Impact Taos Grant Awardees

Holy Cross Hospital Cancer Support Services                    $10,000                     Core Support

Clients are served from early in their cancer diagnosis up to a year after their last treatment. Cancer Support Services (CSS) helps with transportation and lodging for treatments, funds for massages, acupuncture, alternative therapies, access to fitness/yoga programs, and individual or group support. To meet the needs of an expanding client base, CSS has applied the guiding principle of collaboration with other nonprofits along with a grant plan to increase its revenue.

           Mortimer Family Fund, Taos Ski Valley Charitable Fund, and Emergency Medicines Fund*


Mountain Home Health Care                                                   $4,500                       Core Support

Founded in 1975 by two young women, Mountain Home Health Care is Taos County’s oldest and only local, full-service nonprofit Home Health and Hospice service agency.  Their mission is to deliver heath care at home that is appropriate, caring, fiscally responsible and of high quality to the community. Such care recognizes and appreciates the cultural diversity of their community and shows respect and dignity for all, enhancing health and quality of life.

           Mortimer Family Fund and Taos Ski Valley Charitable Fund


MAS Comunidad                                                                        $5,000                        Core Support

The S.P.O.T. for Community Wellness is a plaza with a Service Navigation Office, an Art Maker Co-Op, Wellness Studio, and Youth Center. The S.P.O.T. also includes a space for community gardens, walking and kid’s bike paths, and sports courts. S.P.O.T. stands for Strengthening Pride Optimism Trust and is a community envisioned project. The project acquired a closed charter school property in 2017. S.P.O.T has been growing and expanding programs based on a community feedback survey.

           Mitchell-Dunn Family Fund and Emergency Medicines Fund*


Artstreams                                                                                    $2,500                       Core Support

Artstreams project was created to offer Taos county residents activities and respite geared specifically to the needs of family caregivers and their loved ones with moderate dementia. Their work is to enhance the quality of life for those with dementia, assist the family caregiver with, education and skill building, support well-being through pro-health choices and best practices, strengthen family engagement and reconnect families into the community.

            Totally Wiard Fund*

Total fiscal year grant totals as of May 31, 2019 are over $1 Million Dollars!

Thank you to our generous Donor Advised Fundholders that participated in this years grant cycle.

* These represent Taos Community Foundation Directed Funds