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We bring resources and knowledge
together to invest in our community.

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We serve a diverse donor base,
with a variety of charitable giving options.

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Taos Community Foundation is
“For Good. For Taos. Forever.”


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Taos Community Foundation (TCF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting local nonprofits, addressing community needs and promoting positive changes to nurture a strong and vibrant community in Taos and throughout the surrounding areas. Through our various grantmaking programs, we invest in vitally important areas of our community, including basic needs, education, healthcare, arts and culture, environmental sustainability, and community advocacy.

TCF serves as a trusted intermediary that bridges the gap between our generous donors and local nonprofit organizations that require resources and support.

Taos Community Foundation is your community’s trusted philanthropic partner, committed to nurturing philanthropy, fostering solidarity, and pursuing initiatives to improve the well-being of Taos and western Colfax Counties.



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Land Acknowledgment:

We acknowledge the land that we live and work on is located upon unceded land belonging to the Taos Pueblo, Ute, Lipan Apache, and Tiwa people, who have served as the original stewards of this land for millennia, and who continue to inhabit this land today. These are our roots.

We acknowledge the violent and painful legacy of colonization against the original inhabitants of Taos, and the cascading effects of this harm, which continue to this day.

With this acknowledgement, we pay respect to local indigenous peoples, and commit ourselves to learning the true history of the land we reside on. We affirm tribal sovereignty, and will dedicate ourselves to creating meaningful relationships with the indigenous communities of Taos, honoring their ongoing traditions and legacy.