About Us: Taos Community Foundation


Taos Community Foundation is dedicated to serving the unique needs of the communities of Taos and western Colfax counties. Our philanthropic efforts support and enrich the lives and opportunities of citizens and protect the environment which sustains us. Our initiatives amplify donor investments which directly and powerfully support growth in our community.

Our Mission Statement

Taos Community Foundation connects people, and opportunities, generating resources to build a more creative, caring, and thriving community.

Our Vision

The vision of Taos Community Foundation is a community where all have the opportunity to thrive.

core values

Trust: Assurance that honesty, effectiveness, ability, and integrity are threads throughout the organization.

Tolerance: Assurance that respect and regard for diverse ideas, opinions, and practices will be upheld.

Transparency: Assurance that through open exchange, rules and reason behind policies, and procedures are fair and clear to all.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

Taos Community Foundation appreciates the help and support of many individuals and organizations who partner with us in fulfilling our mission to foster and encourage private philanthropic giving to enhance the spirit of community and to improve the quality of life in our communities. Although these partnerships involve a wide range of activities, the breadth of our work can be simplified to gathering, stewarding and sharing community resources.


We help people who care, fund causes that matter – to the community and to them.

We work with donors to establish funds that have a purpose, funds that can be directed by the donor or by the volunteers who oversee our grant-making efforts.


We invest the funds that are entrusted to us, working with professional advisors to assure the money is prudently invested for the future of our community.


We then reinvest that money in the community in the form of grants and scholarships.

Additionally, we share our expertise by providing affordable training and consulting-type services to area non-profit organizations.

When you donate to the Taos Community Foundation, you join a caring and generous community of donors dedicated to making a positive difference in Taos. This community consists of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations that share a common goal: to help and improve the lives of the people in our community. By joining this community, you will connect with like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about creating lasting change and addressing the pressing needs of Taos as you are.

Next year we will celebrate 30 years of service and the awarding of more than $12 million in grants and scholarships since our inception.

Philanthropy Elevated.

Taos Community Foundation EIN: 85-0425147