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Since 1978, Angel Fire Community Foundation has strived to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors in the Moreno Valley. The Foundation helps connect donors’ charitable giving goals with vital community needs while taking advantage of optimal tax benefits.

Originally named the Angel Fire/Southern Moreno Valley Community Corporation (AF/SMVCC), this group was formed in March 1978 as the first non-profit corporation in the Moreno Valley, serving Angel Fire, Eagle Nest, and western Colfax county.

Today, the Angel Fire Community Foundation Affiliate Fund Committee oversees the use of these funds, making annual grants in the Moreno Valley.

History of the Angel Fire Community Foundation:

Long before the Village of Angel Fire was officially incorporated in 1986, residents needed medical and fire services. A popular Angel Fire second homeowner, Jack Stromberg, passed away in 1978 because of the lack of emergency medical services. Following his death, the Stromberg family was integral in the funding and creation of the Angel Fire/Southern Moreno Valley Community Corporation (AF/SMVCC) to insure such services.

The original board of directors consisted of James Butts, Martha Lasseter, Richard Spurlock, Stanton Bundy, Alfred Ely, and Milton Tucker.

The AF/SMVCC met the community’s needs in two ways. It raised funds for needed services, and accepted tax-exempt donations for entities under its non-profit umbrella, including the Stromberg Memorial Center (the fire station), Angel Fire Community Library, Angel Fire Volunteer Fire Department, Angel Fire Volunteer Ambulance Service, Angel Fire Search and Rescue, and more.

In 1995, President Bruce Lawrence, elected in 1992, gathered a group of interested people and a new Board was elected, including Stan Harrell and Rich Hill.

The Foundation’s activities picked up. Over the next three years the Foundation received a variety of donations from area groups. It also served as a 501(c)(3) non-profit umbrella for community causes including the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle’s “Adopt A Fireman” Fund and the Chronicle’s “Rescue Equipment” fundraiser.

In 1999, after it was apparent the library was outgrowing its space at the Stromberg Center, Angel Fire Resort offered land for a new library building and the Foundation created the “Love Your Library” Fund, aptly named by former Board member and Treasurer Harvey Shannon.

Brian Shuter of Southwest Design and the Shuter family were generous in their library building’s construction. Books and library contents were moved to the new Shuter Library of Angel Fire in July 2002.

The Foundation’s name was formally changed to Angel Fire Community Foundation, and the foundation gained official 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in June 2008.

In 2021, Angel Fire Community Foundation became an affiliate foundation of Taos Community Foundation, wanting to continue their support of Morneo Valley under the supervision of a larger foundation. Wanting to dissolve their 501(c)(3) status, while still involved in a grantmaking advisory capacity, AFCF officially became a part of TCF.

Today, the Angel Fire Community Foundation Affiliate Fund Committee oversees the use of these funds, making  annual grants in the Moreno Valley.

Angel Fire Community Foundation Affiliate Fund Committee:

Mission of the Angel Fire Community Foundation:

The mission of the Angel Fire Community Foundation is to be a vehicle for people to make charitable giving that will benefit our community. Through your generous support we continue to strengthen our community, build for our future, and improve life for all in the Moreno Valley.

Ways to Give to the Angel Fire Community Foundation:

If you would like information about ways to give, including gifts of stock, IRA contributions, wired funds or other gifts with immediate tax deductions, please contact Jen at or call 575-737-9300.

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Make a donation to the Angel Fire Community Foundation Endowment or Intermediate Fund online, by clicking the links below:

We also accept donation by cash or check. To donate by check, make checks payable to Taos Community Foundation, and put “Angel Fire CF” in the memo line. If you have any questions, please contact Taos Community Foundation at 575-737-9300 or

About TCF Affiliate Funds:

Taos Community Foundation provides affiliate services to communities across northern New Mexico. The opportunity to affiliate with TCF provides smaller communities the ability to create and manage their own community foundation and to offer the same services normally available only through larger foundations. Affiliate foundations are locally led, locally governed and directed towards local needs.

An affiliate foundation offers a permanent, steady, and secure source of grant making that addresses current and future community needs. Each affiliate foundation is overseen by a committee of local leaders who educate their friends and neighbors about the value of giving back to the community and oversee the grant making process in their community.