EnvironmentStrength Through Conservation

Investments in this pathway enable the community to permanently protect traditional farmland, preserve water habitat, and maintain the scenic aspects of Taos. Emphasis is on local land-based traditions and culture as well as increasing public awareness of the overall benefit of land preservation.

2019 Impact Taos Grant Awardees

Rivers and Birds                                               $15,600                                   Core Support

For 20 years, Rivers & Birds has taken over 6,000 local school children through multi-day, joyful outdoor adventures on public lands that teach environmental stewardship in a culturally relevant way. Rivers & Birds has also led campaigns resulting in the largest historic permanent protections of watershed lands in Taos County, including the 242,000 acre Rio Grande del Norte National Monument in 2013. Rivers & Birds continues to work on large, permanent conservation protections for public lands through Congress, and to expand their environmental education outreach for public school students as they collaborate closely with diverse community partner organizations in these areas.

           Ruth Waterhouse Fund, Taos Ski Valley Charitable Fund, and La Plaza Fund*


Taos Land Trust                                                $15,000                                  Core Support

Through deep community engagement and strategic partnerships, the Taos Land Trust strives to become a leader in sharping Taos’ future, responding to resident’s input to implement long-range conservation and planning to create an ecologically and economically resilient community for current and future generations. Taos Land Trust seeks community help as they begin to implement the Community Conservation to protect vital agricultural lands and improve the livability of Taos.

           Taos Ski Valley Charitable Fund

Amigos Bravos                                                   $3,000                                   Core Support

Support from Taos Community Foundation with be used to: create climate resiliency by restoring and advocating for protection of high priority wetlands in the Carson National Forests; revitalizing the Rio Fernando; providing technical assistance to community members who call with water-related concerns; and engaging with hundreds of youth and  community members through presentations, trainings, and projects.

           Healy Family Fund* and Sustainable Environment Fund


Localogy                                                              $2,500                                     Core Support

Localogy knows people can make the best decisions regarding their local and natural communities if they are connected and empowered. Localogy’s summer camp, school and afterschool, land art, economic development and agricultural development programs build resiliency in northern Taos County. Localogy’s motto is ‘self- reliance through interdependence’. Funds will support operations tuition free and sliding scale youth programs and new agricultural initiatives.

           La Plaza Fund* and Totally Wiard Fund*

Total fiscal year grant totals as of May 31, 2019 are over $1 Million Dollars!

Thank you to our generous Donor Advised Fundholders that participated in this years grant cycle.

* These represent Taos Community Foundation Directed Funds