YouthGrowing our Future

TCF’s commitment to young people begins with the goals of access to prenatal care and safe birth, then preparing children to enter school, and creating opportunities for youth of all ages to have access to quality programming that engages both their academic and social needs. Providing children and young people with the support and services they need to thrive, from healthy development during infancy through their successful transition into adulthood, is the mission of the Youth investment pathway.

2019 Impact Taos Grant Awardees

Common Grounds Teen Co-op                                   $10,500                              Core Support

A ministry project of St. James Episcopal Church. This youth outreach mission has been named Common Grounds by the teens involved. Besides being a safe haven and gathering place designed by teens for teens, part of the direct outreach of the program will allow for teens experiencing homelessness to have a place where they can shower and wash clothes, get food in a teen friendly environment—stocked by a youth focused mini-food pantry. The teens also plan on having a Give & Take Closet for clothes and supplies.

Ruth Waterhouse Fund, Taos Ski Valley Charitable Fund, and ChildRite Fund*


Field Institute of Taos                                                  $5,000                                Core Support

FIT’s programming has continued to expand their year-round opportunities including extensive school and community programming, after school options, citizen science initiatives, and additional summer programs. They strongly believe those experiences are valuable for all ages and make positive impacts throughout the community. FIT is increasing its focus on promoting diversity and inclusion in outdoor recreation.

           EDYNCWA Fund, Taos Ski Valley Charitable Fund, van der Werff Family Fund, and Agnes Martin Fund*


Taos Youth Music School                                         $5,000                                Core Support

Taos Youth Music School enriches the lives of the youth and families in Taos County by providing tuition-free, high quality music education and performance opportunities for any child K-12. They are passionate about music, children, expression, creativity, and skill.  Through classes, performances, and community gatherings they aim to foster healthy relationships, personal/professional development, education, and the overall community arts experience.

           van der Werff Family Fund and Music for Children Fund*

Oo-Oo-Nah Art and Cultural Center                    $2,700                               Core Support

The Oo-oo-Nah Art and Cultural Center’s mission is to sustain the traditional and contemporary lifeways of the Taos Pueblo community. The organization provides a safe place where community children can go to have fun after school, and a free summer camp. The Heritage Project program provides Tiwa language, History, Art and Cultural activities, including Art for the Fun of it for children 5-13 years old. Healthy snacks, and lunches are provided, with games, activities, arts and crafts, and life skills.

           Native American Fund*

Total fiscal year grant totals as of May 31, 2019 are over $1 Million Dollars!

Thank you to our generous Donor Advised Fundholders that participated in this years grant cycle.

* These represent Taos Community Foundation Directed Funds