¡Bienvenida a CJ Grace!

As the newly appointed CEO of the Taos Community Foundation, I’m writing to extend a warm welcome. I am honored to lead and serve alongside a community dedicated to making a positive impact so that our community thrives. Your commitment to the mission and vision of TCF is compelling, and I am eager to contribute to the initiatives that define our foundation.

Through place-based philanthropy, TCF will continue to connect donors and nonprofits to find solutions that meet the needs of our community by fostering collaboration and care for one another. We will work to understand and address our community’s unique needs while honoring Taos’s cultures and traditions.

The TCF community makes a difference in people’s lives every day. Together, with the support of the outstanding Board of Directors, donors, and community partners, we will continue our work to serve Taos and western Colfax counties. Thank you for your welcome and the trust that you have placed in me. I am excited to collaborate with each of you as we seek to create a community where everyone thrives.

As I close out my first week, I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your hopes, goals, and contributions. Please visit the fantastic team at TCF, they are extraordinary! I welcome your outreach with any thoughts or questions about the foundation’s work.

Best regards,

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CEO, Taos Community Foundation