Lisa O’Brien recently announced her departure as Executive Director of Taos Community Foundation. The transition team from the Board of Directors has worked hand in hand with Lisa, the Foundation staff and the Board of Directors to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to the Foundation’s services.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Helen Forte and Traci Chavez McAdams as Co-Acting Directors of the Taos Community Foundation. Both Helen and Traci are well known in the community and in their roles at the Foundation. Helen will continue in her same role as Director of Community Impact and Traci Chavez McAdams as Director of Operations for day to day operations while supervising staff and working with our donors, grantees and partners.

A search committee, comprised of members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, is busy working to define the parameters of the search for a new Executive Director for the Foundation. The search team will work with the Board and staff to hire an Executive Director of the Foundation, and take everyone to the next level.
While Lisa will certainly be missed, the transition is proceeding nicely and we are grateful to have such talented and experienced professionals leading the way. Congratulations to Helen and Traci!