Women Give – Taos

Congratulations YOUTH HEARTLINE, 2021 Women Give Taos
$30,000 Grant Award Winner!

Women coming together to collectively focus on the unique needs of women and children in our communities.

Women Give – Taos Initiative asks women with power, in all its forms (financial, philanthropic, social, leadership, voice, influence and access to networks) to take action, step forward, join together in learning, and actively engage in strategic philanthropy. Applying a ‘gender lens’ is to take into account how gender norms (and biological differences) affect women and girls, as well as men and boys, when assessing funding opportunities. Countless studies have shown us, that when women and girls thrive, so do communities, countries and the world as a whole.

This initiative came together by pooling our resources, listening deeply to the needs of our community, and making careful and well planned investments.

We invite you to consider joining other women in the Women Give – Taos initiative by making a commitment of $1,000 a year. Your contribution will pool with other women’s investments enabling YOU, the donor advisors, to have substantial funding for grants that can make a real difference in the lives of Women and Children in our community.

Women Give – Taos’ future includes expanding our Advisor Circle, narrowing our focus on specific programs, providing the community with Lunch and Learns, and increasing our grant funding.

For more information regarding Women Give – Taos, please contact Helen Forte at 575-737-9300

If you’d like to Donate to the Women and Girls Fund, Click Here.