Over $15,000 Awarded to 40 local Teachers!

The Taos Public Education Fund, teacher grant cycle, was extremely successful this year. We received over 40 applications, with amazing community support. The TPEF Award event was held at the Taos Country Club on November 14th. As always, this was a very happy event, lively, fun, and well attended by recipients, donors, our Superintendent and one school board member. Awardees shared brief descriptions of their plans for use of the funds and we were all amazed by the passion, ingenuity, and innovation shown by the teachers. Projects ranged from calming and self -regulation activities and materials to science supplies books and garden projects, though there was also a need for basic materials and supplies, and there were several collaborative projects among the applications. Some of the teachers told stories about their ongoing work in building up science labs, art studios, music programs and community gardens, all made possible because of our support.

43 applications were received
40 applications were recommended for funding by TPEF committee
40 grants were awarded reflecting 8 local schools

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