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Dear friends in Community – Taos Community Foundation is proud to highlight a local project that is in great position to win a national competition that is happening live tomorrow (Wednesday, August 7th) in Miami, Florida. The winning pitch brings home $100,000 for implementation of an innovative career pathway. Please read the description below and take a few minutes of your time to be ready to cast your LIVE VOTE! Foundation staff was involved last week on the dress-rehearsal and I can assure you that you will be inspired to see our Taos friends making the pitch. Public voting is part of the final score, so we need a strong showing from our friends and family.

The HIVE project is one of the few invited community educational projects that got to this portion of the selection process – we are up against large, urban areas and have much to show that we can not only “hold our own”, but be a leader in a national movement to bring change to our educational system.

Please see the instructions below to register to vote online. Let’s support the visionary leaders who have taken the message to Miami! HIVE is a Special Project of Taos Community Foundation and we are behind this project whole-heartedly. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us,

NEW MEXICO is poised to win for education! Taos Education and Career Center @ UNM-Taos is poised to win a national competition and $100,000 for an innovative career pathways model! The Virtual VOTE counts for 25% of the score. You can only vote during our live pitch on Wednesday, August 7th between approximately 8:30 and 8:50am! Check out for more details. We need everyone to make this effort, as we are up against all big city teams with large population base to vote. Let’s get our state mobilized. This is a model that could be replicated anywhere. Go New Mexico!

How to participate:
1. An immediate step is to register ( Ignore the parts about where you are staying and such, as this is the same form for people attending live. Just fill out the bare minimum and make sure you give a good email, as the link to watch us live and vote will be emailed to you on Monday or Tuesday.
2. Download the Minds that Move Us app, click on TEAMS, and you can rate our team HIVE with five stars immediately. This helps boost our visual presence.
3. Get the word out on social media- we are taoshive Tell everyone to register virutually now, get the link,
4. Then, on Wednesday, August 7th, 8:30-8:50 MST. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME TO VOTE!

Thank you and share with everyone you know!! We need every vote to bring this home.

More About HIVE and The Minds that Move Us Competition:

TECC @ UNM-Taos was selected as one of only 10 teams from across the country to present our education model. Our innovative idea is called HIVE- Hub of Internet-based Vocations and Education. HIVE adapts the nationally trending co-working office and small business development hub to include UNM-Taos adult education and college classes, and a wrap around supportive services under one roof. We are proud to be the only rural program selected. Go Team HIVE!

“HIVE will provide access to innovation and entrepreneurial resources that would otherwise not be available to our rural citizens,” said Dr. Patrick Valdez, CEO UNM-Taos, “I am extremely proud of this team and the possibilities for our students and community.”

Hive is taking a strong cross-sector team- UNM-Taos, Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, Town of Taos, and the Workforce Board- to Miami next week and support is needed to bring back this $100,000 and find national level funders to invest in this model. VOTE LIVE Wednesday, August 7th, 8:30-8:50 (approximately). This is the only time you will be able to vote!

Check out the HIVE videos and spread the word!

Link to 30 Second Pitch Video:

Link to Short Promo Video: