Taos Community Foundation is proud to announce
2nd annual Peak of Excellence Awards!

Last year Taos Community Foundation partnered with Taos News to celebrate the amazing work of individuals in our community – individuals who demonstrate the best in service, volunteerism and selflessness.

This partnership gave the Foundation a platform to highlight the wonderful work that happens from the charitable realm, that also includes the values of compassion, spirit and at times grit and tenacity.

As the Foundation typically does in our work, we opened the gates to nominations in both categories for Philanthropic and Non Profit Excellence.  A committee of staff and board members weighed in and selected the awardees for 2020.

In honor of both the awards, a grant award of $1,000 was extended.

Philanthropic Leadership Award:  Shanti and Yale Jones have been long time friends to the Foundation and have partnered with us in their charitable giving for nearly 20 years.   They exemplify the spirit of philanthropy in that it is not only about a charitable gift.

It includes genuine concern for our community.

It includes lending a hand to an individual in need.

It includes engaging a conversation in community to include many voices and to raise the question of how to get to a solution.

It can be quiet and behind the scenes.

It can be bold.

Click Here to view the video of Shanti and Yale

NonProfit Excellence Award: Youth Heartline is the child advocacy organization that serves some of our communities most vulnerable children. The mission of the organization is to provide family stability thru trauma-informed services and systemic solutions.

The work is complex, requires a wholistic approach that includes collaboration across many sectors, such as behavioral health programs, the court system, schools and community providers. All program services are free to families.

This year, the COVID pandemic has created greater strains of families and organizations. As was shared in the nomination narrative “the amazing staff of Youth Heartline worked tirelessly and brilliantly to cover their clientele services safely and efficiently. As a result, there was little to no gap in the essential services provided to clients”.

Questions? Please email Helen at hforte@taoscf.org or call at 575-737-9300.