Legacy Funds

You have made investments of your time and treasure throughout your lifetime and you want to leave a legacy. A legacy fund with Taos Community Foundation provides you with an opportunity to include charitable giving in your estate plans and make a difference for generations to come.

Here’s a short video that explains this giving option:

Benefits of a Legacy Fund  


Legacy funds allow you to make a long-term impact on the causes and the community that are most important to you. Your continued support will allow the selected organizations to carry out their missions and contribute to the community for years to come.


Legacy funds provide you the opportunity to share the gift of giving with future generations. You can use assets named in your legacy fund to open a charitable giving fund that will continue to invest in causes you care about.


A legacy fund offers you the opportunity to ensure that charitable giving is part of your estate plans, with the flexibility to change the causes you plan to support over time. Because you name your legacy fund in your will or trust, you can work with Taos Community Foundation to adjust the causes you would like to support without the hassle of revising your estate plans.


Our team is here to assist you in establishing your legacy fund to meet your financial and giving goals. We will work alongside you and your professional advisors to ensure your charitable giving fund fits into your overall estate plans.


Taos Community Foundation can receive a variety of gifts to support a legacy fund including: assets from a will or trust, life insurance policies, IRAs, 401(k) plans, real estate, charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

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