Taos Community Foundation has been actively preparing for COVID-19 response since late February, when cases first started showing up across the country. Early on, we were preparing for internal office measures that we anticipated would need to be modified, while also reaching out to other leaders in community to begin the conversation on how community-wide efforts might need to be coordinated. As all of us have experienced – either personally, in our businesses, and within our community sectors – it has been a whirlwind, and is continually changing. Just as one modification is adopted, we are modifying again days later.
Much of the coordinating/planning details of the Foundations work in the past weeks have been behind the scenes. We are committed to our leadership work in community, knowing that a large portion of our work is in convening and coordination, and not “only a grantmaker”. That being said, our staff and board are committed to meeting both the short term and long term needs of our community. How we meet those needs is evolving.

We have established the COVID-19 Response Fund, that will deploy 100% of all contributions into the community. Knowing that the needs in community will be extensive, we have not yet made a decision on how those funds will be disbursed. We are in active conversations with other funding organizations, and are learning how federal and state funds are now starting to flow. As always, we are interested in being an efficient funder, and partnering our funds with others for greater impact. There is a pivotal moment in being responsive, nimble and flexible. We are fully committed to working with all of these aspects in mind.
We will keep you posted as we move thru this exploration and move toward specific funding strategies.

Thank you for partnering with us at this time.

As of March 12, 2020, Taos Community Foundation is canceling all scheduled community events and gatherings, and will no longer have our conference room available for community/non-profit meetings. We realize this is an inconvenience, but are committed to the call to action.

For specific health/prevention resources, we recommend the following:

Center for Disease Control                 

New Mexico Department of Health 

Holy Cross Hospital                              

The State of New Mexico has also set up the following hotlines:

Coronavirus Health Hotline   (medical/health questions)                1-855-600-3453

Coronavirus Information Hotline              (general questions)         1-833-551-0518

Taos Community Foundation has established the COVID-19 Response Fund which is designed to provide flexible resources to complement the work of public health officials and local government and  expand our community’s capacity to address all aspects of outreach as efficiently as possible. 100% of all contributions received will be deployed into community. The Foundation has intentionally established this fund with flexibility in mind to ensure that these resources will support community needs as conditions, circumstances and needs change throughout this crisis.