Taos Community Foundation had a wonderful response for Volunteer Advisors to serve on our grant review and evaluation committees. The Nomination period is now closed.

However, if you are interested in staying current with future volunteer opportunities, please feel free to send Helen Forte, Director of Community Outreach, your contact information by phone at 575-737-9300 or e-mail at hforte@taoscf.org.

Thank You!


Are you interested in volunteering your time and talents to support Taos Community Foundation’s mission? Taos Community Foundation is accepting nominations from community members to join 1 of 5 different Grant Committees as a Volunteer Advisor.  Volunteer Advisors are essential to the success of Taos Community Foundation’s grant making work, since they  participate in the grant evaluation and fund recommendation process. Volunteer Advisors are asked to serve on their respective grant committee for two (2) years and may serve as a volunteer adviser for two consecutive, 2 year terms.

An orientation meeting will be held in early January 2019 for current and prospective Volunteer Advisors. For more information and nomination inquiries, please call Taos Community Foundation at 575-737-9300.

-Thank You-