We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We believe Black Lives Matter. And we are committed to working with the Taos community to fight the racism that leads to injustices against People of Color. We vow that the board and staff of TCF will use our mission and programs to ensure that racism has no place in our workplace or in the work we do within our community. Starting now, we will take concrete steps to educate ourselves about and act against racial injustice in our local area, in the state of New Mexico, and in our nation.

Going forward, we will uplift projects to fight racism locally and within our society. As a nonprofit whose mission is to build a more creative, caring, and thriving community by supporting other nonprofits, Taos Community Foundation is committed to being a force for good. We will partner with Taos nonprofits in their work to be anti-racist and pursue a common goal of empowering disenfranchised people in our community. Together with the nonprofits we fund, we will send a forceful message: We will fight structural racism in our communities and work to repair its destructive impact on our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color neighbors.

“We welcome your input and involvement in our journey.”

August 4, 2020