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2019 Impact Taos

Thank you all for attending the recent Learn & Launch event. We appreciate your time and are grateful for your service to Taos and western Colfax County. Taos Community Foundation is happy to share the following information and documents presented at the January 31st Learn & Launch event.

Letter of Inquiry Grant Application

Taos Community Foundation is pleased to launch the 2019 Impact Taos Letter of Inquiry (LOI) Grant Announcement & Application. Eligible nonprofit organization’s are invited to apply for this short-cycle grant.  This application cycle provides nonprofit organizations with an opportunity to apply for competitive funding consideration by sharing a concise narrative of a nonprofit’s activities, along with an overview of the community need and/or issue being addressed by the organization’s work. We invite you to read the 2019 Impact Taos Application & Announcement in full to learn more about the required application elements.

2019 Impact Taos Letter Of Inquiry Announcement

Letter of Inquiry Applications must include ALL the following elements to be considered complete:

  • (1) Impact Taos LOI Proposal Cover Sheet (please download and submit with your application)
  • (2) LOI Narrative Part 1 & Part 2 (please see Announcement for Narrative Questions and submission )
  • (3) Budget Outline (please see Announcement for budget outline requirements and questions)
  • (4) Nonprofit Documentation / Signature Page (please download and submit with your application)

To be considered for Taos Community Foundations’s Grants Committee Review, completed Letter of Inquiry Grant Applications must be received by Thursday, March 7, 2019 @ 4:00pm via e-mail to admintcf@taoscf.org. Early submissions are strongly encouraged. All submitted applications will receive written acknowledgement of application materials by Taos Community Foundation staff no later than 2 days after submission.

For Letter of Inquiry Grant Application questions, please contact Helen Forte, Director of Community Outreach, via phone 575-737-9300 or e-mail hforte@taoscf.org

Event Sponsorship Application

Taos Community Foundation is now accepting Event Sponsorship Application. If your organization is hosting a special event between February and December 2019 and is seeking event sponsorship support, please consider submitting an Event Sponsorship Application. Event Sponsorship Applications must be received before the posted, quarterly deadlines posted below. Sponsorship awards will be up to $500.00.


Application Deadlines:

  • February 4th–for events held in February and March 2019
  • February 28th–for events held in April, May, and June 2019
  • May 24th–for events held in July, August, and September 2019
  • August 30th–for events held in October, November, and December 2019


Learn & Launch Handouts

*Dates subject to change

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